About Made [LAB]

We make unique and beautiful objects for the world’s most respected premium & luxury brands.

We are not brokers. We don't tell others what to make on our behalf. But we are more than a production house — we are problem-solvers and material engineers.

We regularly face new and more intricate challenges than the last. Inside the Made[LAB] FACTORY™ in Italy, we make it our mission to solve ever-more complex problems. We will not stop, and we are very rarely defeated.

Working with papers, woods, resins and fabrics, we invent, prototype, create, produce and finish. To the most demanding and exacting standards. We think of ourselves as precision engineers, focused on every microscopic detail.

We consistently deliver beyond our client’s expectations, due to our collective knowledge, extensive experience and collaborative approach. And our determination never to be beaten.

Our service is singular and unrivalled.

Made by Made[LAB].
For the world’s most respected premium & luxury brands.

  • Have our own in-house facilities
  • Experiment daily
  • Collaborate and support
  • Have courage
  • Have vision
  • Challenge technical boundaries
  • Exceed expectations
  • Have extremely high standards
  • Have extremely demanding clients
  • Have extremely happy clients
  • Create tiny moments of joy
  • Act as a broker
  • Take the easy route
  • Copy others
  • Produce ‘just packaging’
  • Stop when it doesn’t work
  • Cut corners
  • Say ‘yes’ without knowing why
  • Offer cheaper
  • Compete with others
  • Disappoint
  • Just add ‘your logo here’


We are engin-eers and we are experiment-eers.
We play, everyday, and we stay (the course).
We explore in our lab, in our own FACTORY™, in Italy.
With our own hands. And our heads, and our hearts...

To. Get. Every. Single. Little. Detail. Just. Right.