Tiffany & Co. x Warhol, Merry Christmas

DETAIL — All I want for Christmas…

…is an Andy Warhol design for Tiffany & Co. A real joy at any time of year, this beautiful, layered invitation was made to celebrate the launch of a range of Tiffany & Co. x Warhol Christmas homewares.

It features one of the most popular illustrations from the Tiffany archives, when each year from 1967 to 1962 Warhol — when he was a commercial illustrator, not yet an infamous Artist — was commissioned to create a new Christmas greeting card design. The series became famous once Warhol was a household name, and in 2022 the illustrations were resurrected to adorn plates, ornaments — and greetings cards.

Sadly this collection is no longer available to buy from Tiffany & Co., but keep a look out at high-end collectibles dealers, and you might get lucky. Merry Christmas!

Christophe Balaresque