Made [RE]Made

DETAIL — Made [RE]Made

We’ve always been problem-solvers, and material engineers, experimenting with processes, combining the unexpected to create something incredible. But who knew it? We wanted to make it clear; We are not brokers. Everything we do is made by us.

So in early 2023, we decided to rethink not who we were (that hasn't changed), but how we present ourselves. We worked with Studio.Build to develop a whole new approach, encompassing just about everything. The short version is that Made became Made [LAB]. And there is a lot more. Central to our rebrand is a new bespoke typeface called Made[LAB] Regular, Bold & Laser. But more than just an interesting exercise in typography, it is the embodiment of our approach; that it is imperative To. Get. Every. Single. Little. Detail. Just. Right.

Christophe Balaresque