SP02A / Ultrafine Laser
SP04A / Hot Stamp Foil
SP07A / Emboss
SP08A / Deboss
SP09 / Litho Print
SP10 / Screen Print
SP11 / Die-Cut
SP12 / Duplex
SP13A / Edge Gilding
SP13B / Edge Printing
AP06 / Hand Finished
NEWS — [LAB]WORKS:01 IS HERE! View Insight

This is [LAB]Works:01
Old Codes:New Chaos it is the essence of our new brand; all the ‘old codes’ turned on their head.

At the heart of our new brand identity is a bespoke typeface. It’s called Made[LAB], and designed in three styles: Regular, Bold, and Laser, which is designed specifically for use with our in-house laser-cutting facility. But more than just an interesting exercise in typography, it is the embodiment of our approach; that it’s imperative To. Get. Every. Single. Little. Detail. Just. Right.

Old Codes:New Chaos = PunkLuxe? YES.
Do we have the same exacting standards we’ve always had? Definitely.
Do we still always aim to surpass expectations? Absolutely.
Is there a new way to look at the world? Always.

Please get in touch with Christophe to request a copy of [LAB]Works here.