Andy Warhol Tiffany Invitation

Andy Warhol Invitation
Tiffany & Co.
SP04A / Hot Stamp Foil
SP09 / Litho Print
SP11 / Die-Cut
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This beautiful multi-layered invitation card pays tribute to the original Andy Warhol cards commissioned each Christmas by Tiffany & Co. from 1957 to 1962. Reproducing one of the most popular illustrations in the Warhol Christmas series set, the layering of the finely laser-cut birds gives the illusion of them soaring against a silver sky, elegantly framing the name Tiffany & Co.

Fine hot-stamping in silver along each of the edges adds a touch of brilliance and delightful detail. To complete the experience, the envelopes are created in the signature Tiffany Blue, making each card a celebration of both art and timeless style.

We asked Made[LAB] for some creative ideas for our Christmas gift boxes and greeting cards inspired by Andy Warhol's illustrations. For the greeting card, we chose this one which, in its apparent simplicity, perfectly showcases one of the artist's most famous drawings.

Tiffany & Co.