Time is the real luxury.
Sometimes, more than anything else, time is all that matters. We cannot make time from nothing, but we can use time wisely to make something unique and exceptional. And often beyond all expectation.

We tell the truth, we make it clear.
This is what we DO, and this is what we DON'T DO. Truth means we can and will do the absolute best for you. By being truthful, you know what you can expect from us, which is to push (and exceed) limits, as far as we can. It is our mission to do more. But we'll never make promises we know we can't keep.

Who do you trust?
We excel at solving extremely complex problems. We meet exceptionally high expectations. We deliver to the most exacting standards. We engineer materials into moments of joy. As a result, we have earned the trust of many of the world's most respected premium and luxury brands. Trust in your instincts.

Time & Truth & Trust — at the heart of Made[LAB].

Having our own facilities in the Made[LAB] FACTORY™ in Italy means we are free to experiment with materials, form and processes. We continually invest in equipment to explore new techniques. Manufacturing in-house also gives us full control of the extremely high quality necessary to meet our client's extremely high standards.


This is where the magic happens. It’s home to the[LAB] where we push the limits of possibility, where we make, where we fold, where we assemble and pack. And it's where we sit around the kitchen table each day to chat, laugh and eat a hearty lunch together, and with clients.


This seemingly simple technique belies the complexities of achieving perfection, particularly when combined with other processes. Whether we use embossing, debossing, blind or multiple, our attention to detail has to be absolutely meticulous.


The use of foil blocking (hot foil stamping and cold foiling) can create captivating and magical surfaces. It's a much-used technique but few can claim to do it with the mastery and precision we can at Made[LAB]. Our in-depth knowledge of this process pushes the boundaries of this technique to spectacular effect.

Laser cutting:

Laser cutting can concoct the finest, most delicate of confections, full of whispered charm. It can also create hard and brutal pieces that are defined by perfect alignment and impeccable detail. Both extremes of beauty.


Our robot is more than a helping hand when we need it- he IS our hands for repetitive — but fine — packing work. Leaving our human hands for the repetitive — but fine — hand finishing (like precision-folding and ribbon tying) that sets our work apart.


Print is the backbone of our work. It's the bread to the jam; the pasta to the prawn. We know how to combine the right paper colour with the right ink; the right paper weight with the right printing method, and how the right paper texture sets the tone for the absolute sense of perfection.

We oversee everything, from start to finish.
Ideas x experience x facilities means we can try things we've never done before, to create things our clients have never seen before. We are a tight-knit team, with a focus on microscopic detail throughout the process. From the first discussion about ideas, through to delivery — anywhere in the world.


Our process will always begin with a face-to-face meeting with Luciano, Christophe or Claudio — at the Made[LAB] FACTORY™ in Padova Italy or the Made[LAB] BUREAUX™ in central Paris. Naturally, we can also come to you. Our discussion starts with: what is your goal, and how complex is that to achieve? Then, how can we unravel the complexity, so that we can make it happen?


As soon as we have a clear idea of the aims of the project, we embark on a short period of research and experimentation in the[LAB]. This is so we know what materials and techniques will work best, and how we can achieve — what might at first — seem impossible.


Our time experimenting in the[LAB] is not just our opportunity to solve the puzzle, but also tells us how long the project is likely to take, which materials will be perfect, and how much of everything we’ll need in order to produce a comprehensive quote. This typically takes just a few days.


Once the project is costed, we create a sample as close to the finished article as possible. Our clients tell us how reassuring this is in understanding how close to their ideas the end result will be (usually very!) and for internal sign-off on the project if necessary.


Production is where all of the experiment-eering, the trying, and the testing comes to life. We are ready to roll, to make, to glue and fold, to fill to finish and to pack, to create magic. Everything is made by Made[LAB].

Quality Control:

We have always had extremely exacting standards. And our clients come to us precisely because of our extremely exacting standards. Absolutely nothing receives the Made[LAB] stamp of approval unless it is absolutely perfect.

Logistics & Distribution:

Nothing we do at Made[LAB] means anything unless we can ship on time, to where we need to. Our local warehouse, stock management process, fleet of vehicles and trusted global delivery partners combine to create a seamless operation, supporting our clients worldwide.