Dior Valentines Card

Dior Valentines Card
SP02A / Ultrafine Laser
SP04A / Hot Stamp Foil
SP11 / Die-Cut
SP12 / Duplex
SP13A / Edge Gilding
AP06 / Hand Finished

This St. Valentine's Day card crafted for Dior as the embodiment of artistry and romance. The multi-layered card features a delicately die-cut heart suspended on the finest thread, which is skillfully interwoven through the layers of paper — allowing it to gracefully rotate.

Every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence: both the card and the heart feature precise hot foil stamping in black, accentuated by elegant white screen printing. For an additional touch of allure, the edges are finished with a red metallic foil, infusing the card with a sense of passion and luxury.

When we envisioned the St. Valentine's card, we wanted to capture the very essence of romance. Made[LAB] succeeded in creating something spectacular, and with the rotating heart they truly outdid themselves!

Leila El Blida, Chef de Fabrication, Dior, Paris